And So it Begins…


In the last year or so I’ve spent a lot of time zeroing in on what impact I can have on the world and let me just say, it’s been an interesting process.  Words like PURPOSE keep popping up, as well as PASSION and FAITH.  I dubbed 2016 my “Year of Yes,” and 2017 is  “Expand and Inspire.” I am sure 2018’s theme will make itself known sooner than later as the year starts winding down.

I have had many opportunities to connect with people around 2 key areas this year- the first has been around health and wellness and the second is around equity and inclusion.  Both topics are important to me and I have loved engaging with people to explore the things that matter most to them.  In September it became clear to me that it was time to let go of a couple of “extra” endeavors so that I could truly focus on what my heart is telling me I need to concentrate on, so I did.  Putting my energy and attention on reaching more people through speaking and training has already resulted in new opportunities and a greater appreciation for how the Universe takes care of me!

It is because of this zeroing in that I am changing this page to reflect where my heart and passion are.  FB is great for my health and wellness work but this needs a different platform, so here we go.  I hope you will join me as I explore the ways in which we can connect, be curious, show respect, and invite each other to discuss issues of race, equity and inclusion, gender, social issues and more.  I long for dialog with people who are eager to learn and share so I welcome you to this space and hope you will enjoy the time you spend here.


Housekeeping: When I post new content it shows up under Blog Posts, so please head there if you want to see what’s new!  I’m glad you’re here- stick with me!  Scroll down for the most recent musings!

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